About Dana

I am a New York based Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Marketing professional with a BFA in Graphic Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

Currently I am the Marketing Director at Einsidler Management, and I am available for freelance design work. Formerly, I was a Junior Designer at Family Circle Magazine where I worked closely with the editorial staff as well as an array of illustrators to develop and execute concepts for stories. I worked closely with the design team during the implementation of the 2015 redesign of the magazine. Additionally, I designed both static and dynamic posts for the brands social media page (I love a good animated GIF!), while monitoring social analytics to determine effectiveness.

With every project, I work passionately to find a solution that best serves a problem, brand, or story. I always aspire to coexist with my team... other designers, property managers, editors, you name it. Let's roll up our sleeves!

I love all forms of art and design, but when I'm not designing or developing a marketing campaign I enjoy traveling, trying new cuisines, singing, dancing, and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Check out my recent Instagram snaps below! I'm always on the lookout for cool art, especially when I can find it in mundane places where people aren't always looking!